sergey piskunov

(b.  1989) Lives & works Kiev, Ukraine
Gifted talent playing with hyperrealism, impressionism, and expressionism
Solo & Group exhibits - Private collections - Ukraine + Internationally
  1. Piskunov
  2. Piskunov
  3. Piskunov
  4. Piskunov


Giordano Redaelli lives in Brianza, Italy.

His education took place in Milan at the Salesian Graphics School and the School of Art of the Castle with a specialization in graphic design and visual arts.  He simultaneously explored artistic and architectural subjects while attending the Faculty of
Architecture of Milan Polytechnic. 

His "Packaging Artwork" has become known throughout the world and his work
is featured in collections of many discriminating art collectors.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director

angelika privalikhina

Born Uzlovajaa Tula region of Russia
Meticulous technique depicting people of the past with sensuous & shimmering imagery
 Russian & International Exhibitions - Museum collections in Russia & Asia
+ private collections in Russia, Israel, Germany, China, US, UK
  1. Privalikhina
  2. Privalikhina
  3. Privalikhina

michael Rozenvain

(b.  1963) Kiev, Ukraine - resides Toronto, Canada
French cafes on cobblestone streets painted with rich sultry colors & textured layers of paint creating illusions of depth -  inviting the viewer to  enter the scene
A distinguished artist with a worldwide following
  1. Rozenvain


Born Kiev, Ukraine - resides Toronto, Canada
Masterful technique - intesity of light and brilliant bold colors counterbalanced by
subtle hues and thick application of paint bring the compostions to life
Exhibited on three continents - held in Public and Private collections
  1. Sabina
  2. Sabina
  3. Sabina


Born Kiev, Ukraine - resides Toronto, Canada
Quite original technique that applies paint in a structured geometric fashion, creating interesting compostions with subdued yet rich & saturated colors
  1. Savina
  2. Savina


Born & raised Milwaukee, Wisconsin area
Direct bold line depicting human figures painted in subtle colors & surfaces - Ink, watercolor, paint thickness variation - together amplify visual & emotional impact
Exhibited & colloected throughout the US
  1. Saxon
  2. Saxon

mark thompson

(b.  1972) Peterborough, England - resides in Germany
Paintings that are works of memory
Remnants of the world distilled, subtly depicted, emotionally impactful
Internationally exhibited and collected
  1. Mark Thompson
  2. Mark Thompson